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The InterMed Group Announces ISO 13485:2016 Certification

For Medical Device & Quality Management Systems, InterMed Demonstrates Commitment to Compliance & Industry Regulations Alachua, FL: Today, the InterMed Group, an exclusive provider of scalable healthcare technology management services, announced the recent…
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Medical Device Repair Act: the Right to Repair

The Medical Device Repair Act is making strides in the healthcare industry. Attention to medical equipment repair and maintenance has increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic as hospitals find themselves stretching and searching for resources to…
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Patient Data Privacy is Impacting the Accuracy of Covid-19 Reporting

Data, and lots of it, is crucial in tracking the spread of COVID-19, identifying high-risk populations, and crafting the best care. Exchange barriers and strict privacy protections of patient data are slowing this process down. To prevent the spread of the novel…
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AI and Machine Learning Are Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

In a world afflicted with the novel coronavirus, healthcare technologies and patient interactions have had to adapt as fast as possible to the rapid changes brought on during the pandemic. Technologies like AI and machine learning abruptly became an important solution…
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How ECMO Life-Support Technology is Saving Lives During COVID-19

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) life-support technology is a less well-known, but critically effective option for treating COVID-19. Ventilators have been a crucial component in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, but in some of the worst cases, they aren’t…
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New Research Exposes Password Manager Vulnerabilities

The need for complex, random, and unique passwords for each online account is only increasing, making password management software a necessity as passwords get more and more difficult to remember. A new study out of the University of York in England has found that…
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