Healthcare Technology Management

InterMed’s Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) service is a unique and innovative single source service solution. With a best-in-class medical equipment inventory, our experienced HTM professionals create and administer a centralized service delivery plan that’s customized to meet your budget.

Our managers, technicians, and engineers directly provide preventive maintenance and repair services on most equipment. When you partner with InterMed, our solutions track and report all necessary data on all of your equipment to meet regulatory standards and drive capital planning and equipment purchase decisions.

As your management agent, InterMed’s mission is to keep the best attributes of outside vendors and their contracts without losing the continuity and value of the centralized HTM program. When outside vendors are inherited or assigned during implementation, InterMed takes as much accountability for their performance as if our own engineers were providing the service.

We utilize a combination of our corporate support resources, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) known as UMBRELLA, and onsite technical personnel to track the outside vendors regulatory and financial data, and measure and report on their performance.

Information Integrity

We make sure we capture all the important pedigree details required for a comprehensive physical inventory.

What is an inventory with integrity? The foundation of inventory with integrity is organization – a full assessment of current and previous data collected by your facility and from any outside service vendors. From there we work with you to gain control of key elements that allow your organization to continue onwards in the pursuit being the best from the inside, out:

  • Fiscal Responsibility and Oversight
  • Quality Management (ISO 13485)
  • Technology Assessment
  • Capital Planning
  • Total Technology Management
  • Cybersecurity Profiling and Risk Assessment
  • Customized HTM Service

Long-term strategic partnership for medical device cybersecurity with the award winning First Health Advisory. Our partnership with First Health Advisory allows for us to continue the advancement of safe, secure, and efficient healthcare for all.

Invest In InterMed and Recapture Control Of

  • Quality
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Data
  • Spend
  • Capital Replacement Plans
  • Staff Satisfaction

The InterMed Group Process

Take three steps with us to determine if our organizations might be a good fit for working together.

The first step…

To determine if our organizations should work together is to outline the exploratory process.  Our team of professionals works closely with the key decision-makers at your organizations to decide what is needed by both parties and by when. This allows for both you and InterMed to establish a clear future, the key to a successful HTM partnership.

In the second step, InterMed will begin a consultative, data-gathering survey.  This part takes some commitment from both parties to provide the time and resources necessary to complete the survey within a specific timeframe.  Our surveys require access to review the following important categories of data:

  • Inventory: Provided by you we’ll focus on the accuracy of your fixed asset/medical equipment inventory. If you don’t have an accurate inventory, we can explore hiring InterMed JumpTeams to conduct an inventory.
  • Current Contracts: Equipment you thought was covered is either covered well, not covered, or double covered. We’ll review this information with you and make sure you’re getting the most out of your contracts.
  • Accounts Payable: Searched by vendor, we’ll find out if your spend matches the amounts on the contract, conclusively includes your non-contracted spend (“time and materials” as it’s known in our industry), or indicates no spend. No spend records found is oftentimes an indicator of important preventative maintenance not being performed on equipment that should have maintenance.

Lastly, after we gather, analyze, and report the findings of the data-gathering survey, we come to our second decision about whether it’s a good fit for us to work together. At the end of the day, patient care and safety are our top priorities; we always make sure that our partnerships are mutually beneficial and bring the best to patients.