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How HTM Can Positively Impact HCAHPS Scores

Imagine this scenario – your grandmother has come down with a horrible, racking cough and constantly needs to be under blankets or else she will shiver violently. As a concerned grandchild, you want to take her to a hospital as you’re concerned it could be something…
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Employee Spotlight: Chris Miesse

Born and raised in the heart of Texas is our very own Chris Miesse who is one of our Directors of Business Development for HTM. In celebration of HTM Week, Chris breaks down his journey into HTM and his perspective on the industry. Read on to learn his insights!…
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The InterMed Group Announces Michael Koffler as Chief Executive Officer

Alachua, Florida, May 20, 2024—The InterMed Group (“InterMed” or the “Company”), a leading provider of healthcare technology management services, proudly announces the appointment of Michael Koffler as its new Chief Executive Officer. “On behalf of the InterMed…
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AI in Healthcare

Welcome to the 21st century, where AI (artificial intelligence) is increasingly integral to our daily lives. As a component of computer science, AI focuses on creating intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human thought. These…
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Employee Spotlight: Heather Parker

In celebration of National Volunteers Week, we are shining the light on the Executive Directory of Tyler’s Hope, a non-profit founded by Rick Staab, the founder of InterMed. Through her lifelong passion for helping others, Heather Parker paints her perspective on…
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Employee Spotlight: Jaxson Lamb

Do you remember your first job in your career? Was it daunting or maybe it was exhilarating, finally being a part of the working world? Each of us has a different experience to share and Jaxson Lamb, our Sales Representative, takes us on his current journey of being a…
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