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We always bring the best.


We wrap all of your biomedical and imaging needs into a proven unique, comprehensive program. Our Healthcare Technology Management program includes regulatory compliance, complete equipment life cycle administration and creative solutions through tailored plans at competitive rates.

Clinical Engineering

We provide full service maintenance, budget friendly preventive maintenance plans, time and material services and tailored cooperative plans for all of your  biomedical equipment needs.

Diagnostic Imaging

We provide comprehensive imaging services, unbiased vendor advice, and creative approaches to providing the best and most cost effective imaging services you may need. InterMed has highly trained engineers in all of the imaging modalities.

Jump Teams™

InterMed’s unique rapid deployment teams provide skilled engineers for all of your temporary needs. Whether it is filling in for engineers, special projects, or compliance preparation we have proven experience and always bring the best.

Why Choose
The InterMed Group?

As a premier provider of integrated healthcare technology management services, InterMed can provide an array of Asset Management options to our clients. From comprehensive equipment planning and administration to strategic coverage of key divisions or modalities in support of in-house, OEM or hybrid solutions, we tailor our services to enhance the overall quality, cost, timeliness and confidence in our clients’ technology management.

Partnering with The InterMed Group gives you award-winning service expertise and significant cost savings on parts and equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

Horizon CSA is now part of the InterMed Group

We are excited to bring together two companies focused on providing a best in class service and support for the healthcare market, solely focused on delivering a “New Horizons” total asset management for healthcare systems and equipment support/maintenance programs.

Our legacy will continue to drive focus on Health Technology Management, all while creating creative solutions to improve clinical outcomes, financial and quality impact into the healthcare markets. Our goal is to become the “New Horizons” for cutting edge service delivery programs, technology oversight/management and cyber security champions for healthcare.

We know that together we bring an unprecedented level of value and improvement to the healthcare market, while impacting the communities in which we serve every day.

Equipment Sales

We sell new, pre-owned and reconditioned equipment with more extensive warranties than our competitors and at significant cost savings. Let us help you find the perfect solution to your practice.