Biomedical Technicians & Diagnostic Imaging Technicians

The InterMed Group’s JumpTeams™ service consists of a unique group of professional, cross-trained technicians with backgrounds in general biomed, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, surgical equipment and with efficient data entry skills.

JumpTeams™ Services

There are several applications for our JumpTeams™ services:

  • Biomedical or diagnostic imaging engineers to provide coverage during education/training, vacations, heavy preventative maintenance periods, medical or personal leave, and military leave.
  • Large Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance projects i.e., product recalls, new equipment deployments
  • Specialized inventory teams to perform inventory validations, RFID tag implementations, new facility physical inventory, and equipment relocations
  • Basic inventory – make, model, serial numbers, etc. recorded and imported into CMMS
    • Compatibility with all major CMMS platforms
  • Cybersecurity specialized teams
    • A holistic approach to “cyber hygiene” developed to be paired with medical equipment and the unique staffing aspects of each facility, with minimal disruption during implementation
    • Beyond standard visibility software
    • Scalable and adaptable cybersecurity solutions that evaluate threats on an ongoing basis
    • Clinical Asset Defense Engineers (CADE) perform ongoing cybersecurity service
    • Perform Medical Device Profiling (MDP)
    • Collection of key data points necessary to manage your cybersecurity programIP address, MAC address, software levels, versions, subnet, gateway, patching
    • Risk level assigned to each device in preparation for a recommended risk treatment plan

InterMed technicians are all experienced, familiar with medical terminology, and trained in healthcare environments. They are high-impact independent workers and accountable for the project reports and accuracy. The JumpTeams™ Service Technicians have completed hundreds of projects nationally for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities of all sizes. These projects have been a mix of medical device preventative maintenance, correctives, inventory services, and medical device profiling for cybersecurity.

Advantages of Using The InterMed Group JumpTeams™

  • InterMed’s JumpTeams Technicians are personable, certified professionals, able to adapt quickly to any clinical environment.
  • Departments are able to free up their technicians to focus on their daily activities and core competencies.
  • Clients have the option to tailor the project team by selecting technician proficiency levels and field of expertise, from BMET 1s, 2s, 3s, Specialty Devices, DI’s, and/or Management level technicians.

InterMed’s Medical Device Profile (MDP) service for cybersecurity is the critical first step in developing all variations of data defense strategies by identifying the risk points and vulnerabilities of the devices that house electronic Patient Health Information (PHI).

Project Management

Planning Phase

We begin each project by producing a client-specific notebook called the JumpTeams™ Project Manual that includes the following:

  • Staffing Expectations & Team Detail – names & pictures of each Technician, title/role/certifications, pertinent training (i.e. HIPAA Compliance Training), contact details, confirmation of vaccinations, and any pertinent accreditation details.
  • Credentialing and Screening Detail of the Team.
  • Facility detail – Locations & Floor Plans (all hospitals, clinics, off-site facilities)
  • Organizational charts for both InterMed and Client teams to clarify the reporting lines.
  • Outline of Expectations – Timelines – Scope of Services detail – Deliverables and reports’ structure.
  • Confirmed Inventory List – piece count/PM’s or Correctives/MDP Data points. Also manage a “Critical Items” list as needed.
  • Hospital Rules & Regulations – dress code, restrictions, off-limit sectors/rooms, hours of operations, etc.
  • Specific procedures and data input (systems) parameters.

We deliver unmatched customer service and the industry’s best technology at very competitive rates.

Performance Phase

InterMed’s Director of JumpTeam™ Services schedules conference calls with the designated client Manager weekly to track productivity, timelines and expectation levels.

JumpTeams™ Project Leaders are responsible for:

  • Quality checks data entry accuracy
  • Creating daily-weekly-end game production goals
  • Serving as primary liason for the InterMed team and client point of contact on-site:
    1. Ensure timely delivery of goals.
    2. Steady communications and visibility
    3. Quick escalation to management

Evaluation Phase

At the end of each project, InterMed prepares a detailed summary of the results and findings, and provides the Client with an Executive Summary of our recommendations.

Physical Inventories and MDP projects will yield a data file mapped specifically to each clients’ format request for seamless data transfer.

Each client is asked complete/return InterMed’s “Post-Project Survey” upon completion of the inventory project.

Medical Device Profiling for Cybersecurity

Medical device cyber security remains a complex and pressing challenge for Health Care organizations.  Ensuring the steady security of biomedical devices (including all wired AND wireless medical devices) and the critical connected networks required to provide integrated patient care is arguably the most intimidating task faced by Management.

The reality for most Healthcare Organizations is that their in-house IT Group is underpowered and underfunded. Most of the larger outsourced solutions are very broad, expensive solutions that can devour budgets and take multiple phases to be functional. This leads to inaction or attacking the problem in small projects with little impact and dangerous exposure.

The complexity of the medical equipment, constrained budgets, and industry-specific compliance challenges make it extremely difficult to know where to start much less how to achieve measurable progress. And the threats are growing.

Cybersecurity in healthcare has created the need for consultative services for every hospital, healthcare organization, clinics, stand-alone Doctor's offices and peripheral support clinics.

  • Heavily regulated by the FDA via specific HIPAA data-protection requirements – devices can’t be updated or changed as easily as a traditional IT assets.
  • OEM’s offer final/network solutions and/or new equipment with go-forward embedded solutions but offer little cyber security support for the existing inventory.
  • Problem is magnified as the current inventory contains older, vulnerable “End-of-Life” devices that can no longer be patched or economically repaired.
  • Challenge: Medical devices are unique as they function more like OT (Operational Technology) devices that are purpose-built to perform a specific set of functions, (like taking an X-Ray image or performing a CT scan) than a more traditional IT (Information Technology) devices like laptop computers
  • IT and Biomedical Engineering departments are in constant state of “ownership” disarray because many of today’s medical devices are not traditional IT assets.
  • Conversely, few Biomedical Departments have been trained on networking or cyber defenses.
  • Patient Care is our #1 priority and our trained professionals appreciate the need to work around the clinical staff without impeding patient care at any time.
  • We recognize that there are often high-value, critical assets requiring focused protection and prioritization. InterMed can also provide qualified Technicians in a “SWAT” configuration to gather the peculiar data without slowing the progress of the project. (as needed)
  • Final analysis and reporting is designed to fit into the CMMS of the client/hospital without external programming.
  • Our MDP supports a concurrent focus on developing an effective Security Awareness Program that will identify and fill any gaps in staff training.
  • In addition to InterMed’s seasoned teams, we have developed strategic industry partnerships that add depth to the studied data as consultants and network advisors as needed.

InterMed’s JumpTeams™ are well known for superior PM, Corrective and Physical Inventory (PI) work. We use the same Agile Project Management protocols to tailor and deliver our MDP services. We steadily invest in the InterMed JumpTeams’ training and coaching to maintain our leading-edge knowledge of healthcare technology and to address evolving challenges.

The InterMed JumpTeams™ are also trained to work in tandem with in-house Technicians and/or third parties as needed. This includes any “Hybrid Solutions” where we provide hands-on profiling supplements to 3rd party implementations (Xtreme Solutions, Cloudpost, Zingbox, MediTech, etc.) with assimilation of data/corrections for long-term viabilities.

We have made the initial step easy to appraise, understand, and implement our services, with seamless, expedient deployment. We recognize the pressures cyber risks have put on our industry and are prepared to assist with the first step toward a comprehensive defense.

Threat x Vulnerability x Impact = Risk

Potential Data Collection Points Include:

  • Asset Tag ID
  • Facility/Location; Room Number
  • Description/Classification of Device
  • Device Manufacturer
  • Device Make/Model
  • Manufactured Date
  • Operating System
  • Serial number
  • Software Name & Version
  • Networked/Wireless
  • Host name
  • IP Address
  • Static or Dynamic
  • Subnet
  • Mac Address
  • System component (Name of system)
  • Anti-Virus on system? (Y/N)?
  • If not on Hospital domain – workgroup name
  • Does the device store ePHI? (Y/N)?
  • Capable of Encryption? (Y/N)?
  • Is data that is sent encrypted? (Y/N)
  • Does the device have antivirus?  (Y/N)