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Meet the Team

The InterMed Leadership team is comprised of industry professionals that are dedicated to making a massive impact in healthcare. Their diverse backgrounds and decades of experience working with a diverse array of healthcare organizations, inspire innovation and adaptability throughout our entire organization. 

Rick Staab


Larry Hertzler


Cristopher Baldwin, MBA


Larry Mates

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Traci Ball

Vice President of Human Resources

David Overton

Senior Vice President, Service Operations

Scott Nudelman

Vice President of Support Operations & Cyber Security Officer

Paul Morgan

Vice President of Business Development

Christen Martorana

Vice President of Strategy

InterMed Core Values
  • Responsiveness – After close to 30 years in the business, InterMed has well-established internal processes and a deep understanding of industry standards, which allow for especially short response and execution times. Our strategic geographic growth, along with our size and structure, further ensures that customer needs are met in record time.
  • Collaboration – InterMed understands the importance of clear, concise communication, both internally, and with our clients, to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Our account management structure is deliberately organized around our guiding principles of teamwork and cooperation that have sustained our customer relationships for decades.
  • Accountability – In an industry where the stakes are so high, there is no time for skirting issues or sweeping concerns under the rug. Should a problem arise with a client’s equipment or staff, InterMed promises to react swiftly and efficiently to get them back where they need to be.
  • Vision – At InterMed, our role is to keep your equipment running as well and as long as possible, so that you never have to turn away a patient or second guess a diagnosis because of subpar equipment performance. We understand the bigger picture – from the importance of staying on budget to the stakes involved in patient outcome performance – and we are here to make sure our clients can stay focused on what’s really important.
  • Training – Medical equipment can only perform at a high level if it is installed and maintained with appropriate care. With that in mind, InterMed offers extensive training in nuclear and ultrasound imaging equipment repair, as well biomedical equipment repair classes for all levels of engineers, and makes and models of machines we service. You know what you’re doing, so we make sure we do too.