It’s Healthcare Technology Management Week

HTM WeekThis annual celebration was designed to promote awareness and appreciation for Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs), Clinical Engineers, and other critical members in the field of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM).

Healthcare Technology Management professionals are crucial to maintaining and repairing a healthcare facility’s equipment to ensure safety and smooth operations, and we are proud to celebrate all of the amazing work done by the talented and passionate professionals in this field.

This HTM week we are especially grateful for all of the work our HTM professionals have done and continue to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring that life-saving equipment is working correctly at maximum capacity has been crucial as hospitals and healthcare facilities are treating more and more cases of the novel coronavirus.

Though their work may be considered “behind the scenes,” HTM professionals help to save lives daily, and we are grateful this week and every week for their ingenuity, precision, and resilience.

Every day HTM professionals work under considerable pressure to install and maintain equipment as well as train and support clinicians and other personnel on the latest cutting-edge medical technology. This feels like it needs one more sentence. Maybe: This work paves the way for life-saving.

Thank you, BioMeds and Clinical Engineers for all of the wonderful life-saving work you do each and every day!

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