Evaluate Your Cyberspace: It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the InterMed Group is your solution to keeping patient data safe from cyberattacks.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: #BeCyberSmart

In its 17th year running, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Alliance – are launching the annual campaign to encourage American organizations and individuals to do their part to #BeCyberSmart. October is a great time to evaluate your cyberspace for the final quarter of the year and looking forward to 2021.

Cybersecurity should be a topic that is considered by members of the healthcare organization fare more often than once annually. Ensuring the steady security of biomedical devices – both wired and wireless – along with the connected networks that provide integrated patient care can be an intimidating challenge for healthcare providers. The need to protect important patient and medical information from cyberattacks is more prominent than ever during the COVID-19 crisis when staff is stretched thin and putting in extra hours. Human error can leave information vulnerable and more susceptible to malicious cyberattacks.

Perhaps the most recent example of the importance of cybersecurity in the healthcare world comes as recently as last weekend – we saw that even one of the nation’s largest healthcare service providers can be compromised from malware based cyberattacks. It can be argued that larger organizations have a bigger target for these types of attacks, especially ransomware threats. Regardless of size, all healthcare organizations have one common goal to protect their patients’ health and subsequently, their personal information. Here at InterMed cybersecurity is just one of the multifaceted service offerings our JumpTeams™ provide.

Be Proactive With Cyber Security – How We Can Help!

Cybersecurity in healthcare has created the need for consultative services for practices of all sizes. At InterMed we employ some of the industry’s best-cross-trained engineers that are cyber specialized to perform Medical Device Profiling for cybersecurity. Our Medical Device Profile (MDP) services are utilized to capture the critical data needed to perform device profiling of all of your facilities’ equipment. We consider MDP to be a critical first step in developing a variety of data defense strategies. Our JumpTeams™ professionals do this by identifying risk points and vulnerabilities of devices that house electronic Patient Health Information. We make it simple to appraise, understand, and implement our services – FAST. We recognize the importance and pressure cyber risks have on our industry and practice the rapid deployment of our JumpTeams™ to start assisting you right away.

So Where Do You Start?

Patient care is our number one priority – our trained professionals are cognitive of the need to work around your staff without impeding patient care at any time. We also understand that there are often high value, critical assets, and that there is a certain hierarchy required for the protection of these assets. Our JumpTeams™ are engineers with cross-functional backgrounds and the ability to work in tandem with in-house IT professionals and technicians. Our Team surveys the devices on-site to begin the initial risk analysis; we look at important items such as the potential data collection points, data storage locations, current anti-virus systems in place (if any), and device data encryption capabilities. From there we continue our analysis and work with you to develop an effective security awareness program to identify and fill any gaps in staff training while finalizing a plan to put all corrective actions needed in place with your organization.

Are you ready to #BeCyberSmart?

Let’s connect and bring cybersecurity to healthcare.