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During this time of national emergency, the members of the Alliance for Quality Medical Device Servicing are fully engaged in supporting our healthcare provider customers and exploring ways to collaborate for the good of the industry at large. With selfless and valiant technical personnel working diligently on-site at hospitals around the country and on-demand as needed, our collective associates are onboarding new equipment, reactivating, servicing and repairing older ones, and keeping critical equipment safe and ready for use by clinicians on the front lines of this crisis. We appreciate the obligation of being essential providers of healthcare support services and are exploring ways to better assist the healthcare industry, and each other, through information sharing and collaboration on best practices. We are closely monitoring industry developments and challenges in order to recommend potential solutions and provide the necessary support to the healthcare industry during this critical period. Last but not least, we are carefully protecting and monitoring the health of our associates to ensure our customers and their patients will have continued support for the duration of the emergency. Click here to read the Summary of Federal Actions in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.