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NeuViz 64 CT Scanner

The NeuViz 64 design is focused on minimizing patient x-ray dose while maintaining exquisite image quality. The result is a low-dose CT scanner that delivers high patient throughput, is easy to use, can perform cardiac imaging and provides for a wide variety of post-processing and diagnostic operations.

Two NeuViz 64 configurations offer cutting-edge technology to match varying imaging needs.

64In – For the radiology department, the 64In delivers 64-slice imaging at a 32-slice price.

64En – Delivers maximum tube power — upgradeable to Neusoft’s powerful full-featured cardiac imaging system.

Product Information

NeuViz 64 transplants from high-end CT, share the core technologies with NeuViz 128. It brings more comfortable application experience. Higher quality images and lower dose to customers.

Product Highlights:

  • Thoughtful design: offers a gantry ring designed to change colors to inform the patient what phase of the scan they are in. This keeps them aware and informed, reducing anxiety, especially effective with pediatric patients.
  • LCD navigation: integrated into the gantry provides a real-time, accurate display of current working status, patient information, breathing navigation as well as ECG and scanning parameters.
  • Unique Quad-Sampling Technology: improves acquisition density and increases scanning speed
  • O-Dose Platform: combined with ClearView Iterative Reconstruction technology provide true ALARA images
  • NueViz 64In: is a 64 slice system for those customers that want a 64 slice platform but never plan on doing cardiac CT. It has a 5.0 Mhu tube and a 50 KW generator.
  • NueViz 64En: is for those customers that are convinced that a 5.0 Mhu tube will not meet their needs. It has an 8.0 Mhu tube and an 80KW generator. It is also easily and economically upgradeable to full cardiac functionality.

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