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NueViz 128 CT Scanner

Pressured to do more with less?

The NeuViz 128, the latest advance in Neusoft CT innovation, provides remarkable clarity and precision to expand the range of services you can provide while reducing operational costs.

Full-featured, low-dose, workflow optimized and designed with patient comfort in mind, the NeuViz 128 is the CT choice you’ve been missing

Product Information

The NeuViz 128 has twice the detector width with improved speed and image quality. It has an 80 KW generator and 8.0 Mhu tube well suited for imaging large patients and performing rapid acquisitions (high pitch, fast rotation speed) without tube cooling delays.

Product Highlights:

  • New Design: The modern outlook and humanized design offer best experience to both patients and doctors. . Larger displays and control knobs improve ease of use. The gantry aperture has been increased to 72 cm and the integrated display gives information about the patient and the scan status.
  • HD imaging: Micro-Star detector and Quad-Sampling technology work with iHD (isotropic High Definition) and 1024 matrix, the spatial resolution can reach 24lp/cm 0%MTF.
  • Quad-Sampling: By dynamically moving the focal spot axially and longitudinally, sampling density is increased 400%. This means improved resolution, reduced artifact and extended scanning ranges.
  • Low dose design: Comprehensive low dose design with leading ClearView algorithm gives more care to patients by adding diagnostic certainty to low dose imaging
  • Advanced cardiac imaging technology avoids motion artifact and gives more accurate diagnosis
  • Powerful Workstation: with full range of clinical applications with streamlining One-click workflow make diagnoses easier and more efficient

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