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JumpTeams Medical Device Support

InterMed offers a full range of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) services to hospitals and medical facilities. While some facilities opt for InterMed to provide full coverage services and preventative maintenance scheduling, others may only require periodic access to device maintenance, cybersecurity checkups, or staff training services. That is where InterMed’s JumpTeams come in. 

JumpTeams are a unique group of professional, cross-trained engineers who have backgrounds in general BioMed, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, surgical equipment, and data entry. 

These high-impact independent workers partner with a medical facility on a specific project on a day-to-day basis until the work is finished, and have successfully completed more than 400 projects nationwide. 

“What’s unique about jump team services is that most service providers or companies like Intermed try to target the HTM healthcare technology management aspect of the business,” Brandon Karas, Manager of Jump Team Operations said.

He continued, “JumpTeam services are flexible and let medical facilities maintain their freedom. A hospital may not want a team of engineers to come in as a third party and take over. JumpTeams give access to specialized engineers for a specific project or timeframe, allowing hospitals total control over the services they receive.”

While JumpTeams offer services ranging from equipment updating and installation, inventory acquisition and management, staff training, and more, a large portion of what they do involves cybersecurity. 

“About 20 percent of a hospital’s equipment is connected through a network either through Bluetooth or hardwired to the interface, communicating through the servers,” Karas said. “It’s our job to check every piece of equipment connected to the network and create a cybersecurity plan that covers every piece of vulnerable technology.” 

Each project starts with a planning phase that outlines time, cost, and personnel expectations and provides engineers with medical facility guidelines, any relevant procedures, and off-limit sectors. InterMed’s teammates are personable, certified professionals that can adapt quickly to any clinical environment, ensuring fast service with minimal disruptions to day-to-day operations. 

JumpTeams are the perfect, affordable solution for hospitals who need help with equipment installation, training, and cybersecurity measures. Learn more about InterMed’s JumpTeam solutions at https://intermedgroup.wpengine.com/jump-teams/