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February 13, 2018

Today we recognized what makes our team great! Congratulations to Ashley Daniels who received the Yvette Latchut Leadership award and Sandra Cid Aguilar who received the Volunteer of the Year Award.

July 14, 2017

Every year, staff at The InterMed Group nominate fellow team members to receive the “Yvette Graham Lachut Spirit of Excellence Award.” This award is bestowed upon The Intermed Group team member whose passion to succeed, strong work ethic, character, and determination help move the company, and others, forward every day.

This year, the Spirit of Excellence award was given to InterMed’s CFO, Cris Baldwin! Cris is not only an outstanding leader to his accounting team, but also dedicates his time to helping, teaching, and inspiring others to become their best. Cris, thank you for your hard work and congratulations!

July 21, 2016

Yvette Graham Lachut “Spirit of Excellence Award” 2016 is awarded to our Theresa Smith.

This Award will be bestowed upon The InterMed Group Teammate who best exemplifies the spirit and character of one of our great leaders. The Award is designed to distinguish the Teammate whose commitment, determination and character have helped us build a great company. Through his/her passion to succeed, strong work ethic, enthusiasm, courage and perseverance to overcome great obstacles, this person has followed in the footsteps of one of our most courageous and triumphant leaders.

February 12, 2016

The 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Will Moore. Thank you Will for going above and beyond at InterMed, and in our community!

November 12, 2015
Awarded The Sharps Award today! We are one of 48 out of 800,000 in Florida to achieve this. This represents an award for safety as recognized by OSHA.