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We always bring the best.
We believe we must earn our clients’ business every day, in every way.
InterMed’s multi-modality focus is completely
vendor neutral and is a proven low cost.
As a premier provider of integrated healthcare technology management services, InterMed can provide an array of program options to our clients. From comprehensive equipment planning and administration to strategic coverage of key divisions or modalities in support of in-house, OEM or hybrid solutions, we tailor our services to enhance the overall quality, cost, timeliness and confidence in our clients’ technology management.

InterMed’s multi-modality focus is completely vendor neutral and is a proven low cost – high quality alternative for all of your service needs. Serving as a trusted source of industry knowledge, we support steady compliance with regulatory and accreditation targets, and go beyond routine repairs and basic preventative maintenance. We only bring the best.

We deliver unmatched customer service and the industry’s best technology at very competitive rates.
InterMed maximizes the value and use of the equipment through:

  • Uptime and performance quality assurance  
  • Full Service Contracts with multi-year agreement options to compliment the covered inventory maintenance.
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Install / De-install
  • End of Life analysis to extend the life and value of equipment.
  • Anticipatory maintenance and upgrades – identifies equipment performance issues before they impact patient care.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • In-service Training
  • Room Design, and Site Planning
  • Program Performance Improvement Reviews
  • Industry Analysis and application
We provide comprehensive physical inventory reconciliation at the outset of the full service relationship to ensure accurate equipment data and calibrated PM detail for the program.  The data is uploaded to our database for a quality review and normalization then integrated into client’s existing equipment management system.

Our quality control program begins with a formal Conversion (On-Boarding) Manual with reporting and monitoring programs specific to each client’s coverage models to ensure absolute accountability, timely enhancements, and long-term confidence. We also develop a Parts & Replacement program to cover anticipated needs and proactively manage these expenses.

InterMed hires the most talented professional Engineers available, provides them with superior tools, training and management support then consistently meets or exceeds each customer’s expectations. Our field service engineers have extensive experience and OEM training/certification that allows them to respond quickly and creatively to all challenges. InterMed’s internal certification program produces not just better technicians, but well rounded adaptive teammates.  
  • Priority response time for corrective service calls: dedicated phone and dispatch coverage that ensures responses within 1 hour and on-site within 24 hours.
  • Service records are meticulously maintained according to Joint Commission and other regulatory agency preferences. Management can access personalized dash boards and reports.
InterMed’s customizable HTM Program