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NeuViz 16 Essence CT Scanner

Neusoft took the ease of use and reliability of the NeuViz 16, combined it with the technical and clinical innovations of the NeuViz 128 to develop the NeuViz 16 Essence. This system offers a cost-effective 16-slice computed tomography with multi-detector capabilities for maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.

Product Information

NeuViz 16 Essence is the next generation of CT technology and the new standard in 16 slice CT class. Neusoft technology, both hardware and software, is seamlessly integrated an efficient imaging platform. It is a full featured system, not a tripped down system. This combination of technology and a full compliment of clinically relevant applications represents the best value in the 16 slice market segment.

Product Highlights:

  • 128-slice platform: Technology once reserved for high end CT systems is now available in NeuViz 16 Essence
  • Newly designed 32-row isometric detector: 32-row submillimeter detector with 20mm coverage can realize fast scan and high quality images
  • 3MHU tube heat capacity: 5.3MHU tube with 50kW generator enable NeuViz 16 Essence to provide long service life and great profit for hospitals
  • Full-scale low dose solutions:Unique O-dose platform and advanced ClearView iterative reconstruction algorithm, patient dose can be minimized by 50% without a compromise in diagnostic quality
  • Comprehensive clinical application: Integrate our full range of advanced clinical applications from our powerful workstation
  • Unique embedded software technologies –CAD Software solutions: The NeuViz 16 Essence offers a full suite of unique CAD software solutions to support confidence in diagnoses and provide a competitive edge over other CT scanners.
  • Patented technology for dynamic focusing: Dynamic Focal Spot enables ultra-high spatial resolution in axial and spiral scanning by sampling two fan beams alternately, doubling the reconstruction data samples.

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