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We believe we must earn our clients’ business every day, in every way.

We take responsibility and are accountable for individual reports and accuracy.

The InterMed Group’s Jump Team™ Services consists of a unique group of professional engineers cross- trained with efficient data entry skills and specialized backgrounds in general biomedical, imaging, laboratory, and surgical equipment. InterMed engineers are all experienced, familiar with medical terminology, and hospital environments. They take responsibility and are accountable for individual reports and accuracy. The Jump Team™ Service Engineers have completed more than two hundred projects nationally. These projects have been a mix of PMs, Correctives, Cyber Security and Inventory services with tailored adaptations to the operational plans and specific client requests.

InterMed works closely with client team members to plan unique swing shifts to complete projects including radiology, Operating Room environments, or outside facilities of a health system.

Advantages of using the InterMed Jump Teams™:

  • Our service acts like an extension of your team; NOT an untested hiring of temporary employees.
  • InterMed’s engineers provide equipment training, consultation, and scheduled preventative maintenance for regulatory compliance inspections and reviews.
  • We also provide specific biomedical Jump Teams™ for supplemental coverage during education/training, vacations, military deployments, large inventory projects, and preventative maintenance needs.
  • InterMed is a certified ISO 9001:2008 corporation.
  • Customers are able to free up their engineers to do other things.
  • Customers do not feel threatened because we are “temporary help” (and are willing to stipulate non-solicitations, etc.)
  • We offer flexible shifts (fees may apply) to ensure difficult areas of the hospital are completed.
  • Customer has the options of choosing from our array of teammates, from BMET 1 to BMET 3 to Management level engineers.
  • These teams can handle special projects such as inventory acquisition, facility moves, RFID Implementation, etc.

Communications and Productivity Management

InterMed schedules all communication with the Client on-site Manager with regard to productivity timelines and expectation levels. We begin each project by producing a project-specific notebook called the Jump Team™ Project Manual (electronic and paper as needed) that includes the following:


  • Team Detail – names & pictures of each Technician, title/role/certifications, contact details confirmation of vaccinations, any pertinent accreditation details.
  • Facility detail – Locations (all hospitals, clinics, off-site facilities)
  • Organization charts for both InterMed and Client teams to ensure the reporting lines are clear.
  • Outline of Expectations – Scope of Services detail – focus and how we report the detail.
  • Confirmed Inventory List – piece count/PM’s or Correctives. Also manage a “Critical Items” list as needed.
  • Hospital Rules & Regulations – dress code, restrictions, off-limit sectors/rooms, hours of operations, etc.
  • Specific procedures and input (systems) parameters.